The Artists

Be introduced to the creative talents taking part in The Minotaur exhibition.

Doug Foster

Doug has long been fascinated by the human visual system, and how it can be fooled by optical illusion. 
In 1981 he built a walk-in film installation for his degree show that used projected imagery and large mirrors to incorporate its viewers into an infinite panorama. He worked in London for several years, honing his filmmaking skills as a visual effects cameraman, a lighting cameraman and a commercials director. He filmed all over the world and won some of the top awards in the industry.

In 2006 Doug began to use newly available technologies to realise some of his earlier ambitions. He created a series of finely crafted, high-definition stereoscopic video installations featuring cyclical narratives. Some of his pieces explore the lengths that people will go to when faced with serious challenges, while others attempt to beguile at a primal level by imposing symmetry on irregular forms from nature. All his works strive to engage the viewer with some small insight into the human condition.
Doug Foster Doug Foster Doug Foster